Mission of AIFPA

The prime objectives of the Association include the following:-

  • To promote, encourage and support Indian Food Processing Industries and raise the technical standards, product quality and safety to match global standards.
  • To actively participate in evolving quality standards & safety measures under the Food Safety and Standards Act-2006.
  • To seek redressal of the problems of the food industry that impedes their growth and development.
  • To conduct Workshops & Training Programmes to acquaint about GMP, GHP & HACCP and new Technological Developments etc. and also organise National/International Seminars.
  • To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to production of agri-horti produce, production of processed foods in India and agri-food exports from India.
  • To encourage research projects to study technical problems relating to the Industry.
  • To conduct and promote market research/market studies in India and abroad on processed food products.
  • To institute Awards and Scholarships to encourage Food Scientists and Technologists, administrators, consultants and executives who help in the growth and development of the Food Processing Industries in India.
  • To publish a bimonthly technical Journal i.e. “Indian Food Packer” and monthly “E-Newsletter” as a non-profit activity, which aims to keep the food processing units abreast of the latest worldwide developments in Food Processing, new product & processes, additives, research programmes, regulatory issues etc.