Development of Food Processing Sector in India—Introduction of the new Govt. of India Scheme “SAMPADA” (Scheme for Agro-Marine Processing & Development of Agro-Processing Clusters)

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India have brought out an elaborate scheme, titled ‘SAMPADA’ for the all-round development of Food Processing Industries and Projects in the country. This new Central Sector Scheme has been provided with an allocation of Rs. 6000 crores for the period 2016-20. The various schemes under this project ‘SAMPADA’, and financial allocations for each scheme have been spelt out in the important circular of MoFPI F. No. 16-MFPI/14-Mega FP dated 19th May 2017. All our Members, Food Processing Industries (both existing & prospective), Food Research Institutes and Universities, Food Industry Associations etc. should take advantage of the various financial assistance schemes offered under ‘SAMPADA’ and contribute towards all-round development of Food Processing Industries in the country. The details of the scheme, ‘SAMPADA’ have been uploaded in the Ministry’s website:- and also under AIFPA’s website:-, which can be accessed by interested parties and avail of the assistance to establish the projects.